Monday, May 28, 2012

Really feeling the meaning of this song. My bro kills it!!! ^_^



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choreographed by Trevor Santos.

as promised after quite some time away from uploading, here’s a piece i did to an awesome Ryan Leslie track. apologies for being away from uploading, i’ve been promising to post more, and once exams are over that will all be fulfilled.

anyways, i love this song and the meaning behind this track. And for me this track just reminded me that love is never lost, and it takes people, even strangers to remind you that you aren’t totally lost. i’ve met some amazing people recently and have come to appreciate my life so much more and look forward to sharing many more good times with them… drunk times, with some dancing and some cake. 

special thanks to ralph and lee for dancing, meeko for filming and lee for helping me edit. =]


- trevorjsantos